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Why Does eBug Buy Worldwide?

There are several good reasons for not limiting yourself to your domestic market!
  • Obviously, the greater the area you search, the more chance you have of finding a bargain!
  • Prices vary dramatically from country to country. Because we are not bound to buy from any one country, we can choose to buy from countries where we know the item in question to be cheapest.
  • It is often cheaper to buy a product from its´ country of origin (although this is not always the case). Normally, the item in question will be easily available and it has not incurred high transport costs or taxes.
  • It is common knowledge that photographic, computer and technical items are significantly cheaper to buy in the USA than here in Scandinavia or Europe. Why not take advantage of that by letting eBug buy your items there? Many people think it is too complicated or that it entails far too much work. Not any more! Let eBug do it for you!
eBug gives you the best of both worlds! Try it! You won´t be disappointed!

Good Luck!

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