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How do I sell?

With eBug selling is simple: just follow these instructions:

  1. Start by registering your account. It´s free and it will allow you to use eBug whenever you please. It also gives you maximum security and control over your items.
  2. Gather as much information as possible about the article you wish to sell.
  3. Try to obtain some good pictures of the article - a picture is worth a thousand words - and save them as a file.
  4. Go to the eBug homepage and click on the Buy It button.
  5. Fill in the information form, including all the information you have gathered concerning the article.
  6. Attach the picture file (see: How to send pictures?) in the correct box at the bottom of the form.
  7. Click on the Submit button and you´re finished!

Now sit back and let eBug do the rest. As soon as your article has successfully been sold, eBug will email you to let you know. When the buyer has deposited payment for the item into our account we will inform you and you must now send off the article to the name and address that we give you. When the buyer confirms that he has received the goods we will immediately credit your eBug account with the amount the articles sold for minus our fees; you may then go into into your personal My eBug area and see how much the article sold for and how much you now have on your account. You may now draw out the money or leave the money in your account and use it to buy something.

In other words, you the seller have just two things to do:

  1. Send us the filled in application form with pictures attached (if you have any).
  2. Post the article to the buyer when the sale is completed.

Note: The buyer pays for the cost of shipping. In the information form you will be required to state the weight of the article. Using this information we will have the buyer add this to the sale price and your account will be credited with that amount. Should the buyer request special shipping such as Express Mail, you will be informed and the respective cost will be credited to your account.

After you´ve done it once it´s as easy as ABC and you´ll soon be a professional!

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