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How to send pictures

There are just two ways to do this. Either by regular mail or via the electronic form on the webpage using the Sell it and Buy it buttons. If you don't have the tools required to make a digitalized picture yourself (see: How to make a picture), you can always send us a standard photograph that we will then scan and file in our computer.

In order to enclose a digital image (file) via the electronic form you click on the browse button; it is located at the bottom left of the form. Once you select this option you will get a window prompting you to select a file from the hard-disk or floppy-disk, for attachment. Choose the file/s you wish to send, attach them to the form by double-clicking them with your mouse and send the form by pressing the Submit-button. That's all there is to it. Should you however run into problems with this procedure, feel free to ask for our help, at:

Good Luck!
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