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Why Does eBug Sell Worldwide?

There are several good reasons for not limiting yourself to your domestic market!

  • Obviously the more people that see the item you have for sale, the better chance you have of realising a good price.
  • Different countries have different interests and demands. Something that may be virtually impossible to sell in Sweden may have customers in the USA or Japan fighting to purchase it.
  • eBug watches the world markets very carefully! Selling something at an American auction may bring great results one day, but should the world market cause the value of the US Dollar to suddenly fall dramatically, then international trading to that country becomes far less desirable.
  • On the other hand, should the above scenario become reality, you now have a good place to buy from and our buying customers can benefit instead.
  • Because we are not limited to any one area in the world we can take full advantage of selling in countries where we know there is a great demand for a certain item or where prices for such an item are generally higher than everywhere else.
  • It is common knowledge that certain items such as technical equipment are very expensive to buy in Japan, for example. Why not take advantage of that by selling such items in Japan? Most people may feel that it is just too complicated and entails too much work. Not any more! Let eBug do it for you!

eBug gives you the best of both worlds.Try it! You won´t be disappointed!

Good Luck!

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