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Tips On Selling!

What Should I think About When Selling?

Here are a few useful tips when selling an item:

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words! Few smarter things have been said with regard to selling items at an Internet auction. A potential buyer does not have the benefit of actually physically picking up the item in question. The closest he can get to it is the picture before him and he will trust his eyes before he trusts your description! It is therefore of utmost importance that you supply as good a picture as possible.
  2. If the item in question is particularly valuable you may consider having a professional photographer take the picture. It may cost you a little more but the gains will no doubt be worth it.
  3. When you describe an object you are selling be as honest as possible and supply ALL the details. If there is a small mark or scratch in the corner of an object SAY SO! Your description will then be sincere and accurate, giving the buyer no reason to wish to return it. Describe the item as you would want it described for you and you won´t go far wrong.
  4. Do not over-price an item by asking that an inflated reserve be placed on it. Price it realistically and let people fight over it at auction instead. The results will often be better than you expected!
  5. When informed by eBug that you may now ship the article, do so promptly. Delays will only cause bad feelings and may cause the buyer to request a return.
  6. When posting an item make sure it is posted with the method of post the buyer requested. If he paid for EXPRESS MAIL he will expect it to be posted EXPRESS MAIL.
  7. Package items securely and carefully, especially if they are fragile! Remember that some of these articles will be travelling half way round the world and will not always be handled with the kind of care one would expect.
  8. Make sure that both the senders and buyers name and address are clearly visible and readable on the package, preferably on both sides.
  9. Always make a note of the ID Number supplied by the Post Office or Carrier as it will be asked for should the parcel go missing!
  10. In a famous book called "The Waterbabies" one of the charactors had a significant name. Her name was Mrs. Do-as- you-would-be-done-by. We believe the essence of successful selling lies within that name….

Good Luck!

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