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Why Buy via eBug?

Buying via the internet is often seen as a frightening experience and in the worse case scenario it can be far more than that! One of the problems you encounter is that you are often dealing with people who are far, far away in distant countries, whos´ laws, regulations and ethics you know nothing about. You cannot see the person you are buying from and you cannot physically examine the item you are about to purchase.
Take just the above two factors and add the fact that to most of us the internet is a relatively new world, one which we´re still not quite sure about, and it is understandable that many people are uneasy about using it as a trading post.

Buying from a local auction has many people running for cover. Dealer tactics, pressure, nerves, and a general lack of auction experience is enough to put many people off the idea of using them. The thought of buying from an Internet auction could well bring the doctor running!
There are even those individuals who are used to buying from auctions or importing products from abroad, but who still refuse to buy over the internet because they are generally asked to supply their credit card number, something very few peolple feel confident enough to do, including myself!

Yet auctions provide incredible opportunities to acquire real bargains and the internet gives you access not just to those products (and prices) available in the country you live in, but the whole world!

What eBug does is simply to provide a SAFE and EASY way to purchase or to sell goods at auctions around the world, via internet, without having to take any needless risks and without having the hassle and bother of dealing with all the beaurocratic details yourself. You simply tell us what you want and we find it for you, bid on your behalf and deal with the seller (normally always done in English - another problem for many).

I often put what we do into context by using the following example:

If you bought a friend an expensive gift and you now wanted to send it to her address abroad, you would most certainly pay a small percentage of the gifts´ value in order that it be sent by insured post, just in case something should happen to it. In exactly the same way, when you buy something from an internet auction or dealer, it can be extremely wise to pay that small percentage to eBug and let us make sure the item gets back to you safe and sound and that your credit card number remains safely in your wallet and not all over the internet!

Duncan McMorrin. VD

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