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Why Sell via eBug?

Sellers also have their share of problems to face when selling via the Internet, probably more than buyers: There are a variety of criminals who surf the auctions, preying on unsuspecting sellers, using various different scams in order to illegally purchase valuable items at auction at an artificially created low price. Inexperienced sellers are easy prey for such persons as they rely solely on good will and honest buyers instead of shrewd tactics and auction protection.

But for sellers this is only a very small part of why they would benefit from using eBugs´ expertise.

The success of an auction depends on many factors:

  1. Knowing at which auction to sell which item: all auctions are different; while some may be great for selling one thing they may be useless for selling another. Through extensive studies and research, eBug has mapped out where to buy and where to sell for different catagories of products. This allows us to sell at a high price and buy at a low price, giving our customers exactly what they ask for.
  2. Timing is also another essential issue: you don´t put a particular item out to auction if the auction is already swimming with identical items; on the other hand, now would be a good time to buy such an article.
  3. Item description is extremely important. At most auctions your description must be in good Queens English. Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes or just an inability to express yourself in English will NOT be seen cute to a potential buyer, it will seem incompetent and unprofessional and scare him away. Buyers are like fish; they can be caught but they are easily scared away!
  4. Your photograph can speak a thousand words…but not if you can´t even make out what you´re looking at! A good picture can double and treble your eventual selling price. eBug will help you to make sure your photo is as good as it can be; after all, your gain is our gain!
  5. Good communication with potential buyers is also important. They will often ask questions during the auction period before deciding whether to bid or not. If you are not home, too busy, sick or just not good enough to adequately communicate in English then you will simply scare that buyer away and your final selling price will suffer the consequences!

These are just a few of the reasons for using our unique service; the rest you will discover as you work with us as your new " Internet sales partner"!

Good Luck!

Duncan McMorrin. VD

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