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How to make a picture

For this purpose there are basically two ways to go:
One is to use a standard photo and scan it with a digital scanner, thus getting a usable computer file. (You could, of course, scan a negative but that normally would require you to have access to a negative scanner).

The other way is to use a digital camera and upload the file directly to the computer for storage. What you should remember in both cases, is that we at eBug prefer to receive images in the JPG file-format since that is the working format for images on the Internet. If you absolutely don't know how to do this, send the file as it is and we'll convert it for you.

There is one other way to make a digital image of your product. If you find a photo of your item on the Internet you can save that to your computer and send it to us. In this case it is extremely important that you state that it is not an image of the actual item and provide information about how your product differs from that of the image. Also enclose information from which website you downloaded the image. NB. It is normal practice to contact the "owner" of the image and ask for his or hers' permission do use it. The copyright laws are applicable on the Internet as well.
You can read more about how to send us images here.

Good Luck!
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